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Travel Safety Tips for Women

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If you are a woman who plans a solo trip, there are some risks that are unique to doing so. Here are some travel safety tips for women travelers:

Plan and Prepare for Your Trip

Where ever you want to go as a single woman, be sure to do the proper research and planning in advance to see how female friendly it is. For instance, some countries expect women to dress very conservatively, or to respect men. Some countries may have areas where it is advised that a single woman shouldn’t go to them due to past problems with harassment or rape. Knowing these things in advance is vital for ensuring a safe and happy trip.

Strike up conversations with others

If you are traveling by yourself, it can be very helpful to befriend other singles you meet along the way. Besides possibly meeting someone who could turn you’re your best friend, two are always safer than one and the both of you can go places and have fun together. Besides, it is more fun to share your adventure with someone, so bonding with a fellow traveler can be both rewarding and exciting too.

Don’t Bring Expensive Jewelry or Trinkets

It’s also a good idea for single women to avoid drawing attention to themselves by wearing fancy jewelry or expensive watches. Also, don’t show off your expensive electronic gadgets like high end smart phones, computers or cameras if you have them and be sure to lock them up if you leave your hotel room.

Have awareness of your surroundings

Even if you aren’t a single woman, it’s always a good idea to pay strict attention on the things going on around you. Robbers or rapists look for the woman who appears out of her element or who looks out of place. Be aware of the people around you and what they are doing. Doing this can help you prevent being robbed or stalked. Plus, don’t risk going out late at night alone, as that’s a stupid thing for either men or women to do anywhere.

Hotel Safety Tips

Be sure to choose your hotel, motel or hostel wisely by researching it carefully before making your reservations. You don’t want to end up in a rundown hotel in a bad neighbourhood, for example. Choose one that is in an area with plenty of things around it like restaurants, businesses, public transportation services, etc. Be sure to read the reviews online about it to see if it is clean, safe and pleasant. Saving money is great, but don’t sacrifice a safe, clean place to stay over spending a few extra dollars for someplace better and safer.

Follow your instincts

Many times a person will get a feeling of impending danger, it’s called instinct or following your gut. If something seems wrong, chances are there could be a problem. If you get a bad feeling about a place, person or situation, don’t ignore it. Even if it is wrong, you are safer by doing so.

The bottom line is that if you are a woman travelling alone, be careful and have some common sense and your vacation will be much safer.