Disney World To Ban Selfie Sticks

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Is this really what our world has come to!?  It has been reported that Disney World may be banning the notorious selfie stick from its theme park and may be as soon as the end of June.  According to Walt Disney World News Today a blog that reports about the ongoings of the park said it will give patrons two options if caught with a selfie stick. They will have the option of either checking in the contraband and retrieving it later in the day, or leaving the park entirely.

Part of the reason for the increased attention to selfie sticks was because of an incident last week when park operators had to stop a ride because a guest had pulled out a selfie stick to take a photo at the apex of the ride.  Apparently signs have been posted to warn guests not to use the sticks while on rides.

Hard to believe Disney World “the place where dreams come true” is having to squash the dreams of click happy tourist just trying to take that one awesome selfie to share with all their friends.